First Entry

I’m new to the site.
I’m new to blogging.
I’m kind of new to presenting myself as a writer.
I am not new to writing.
Short stories, poetry, lyrics, sermons, messages, lessons, devotions, books, screenplays, scenes, monologues.
Most have a Christ center-centered theme.

This is my first blog. I’m told that’s a thing writers do.

I’m not attempting to make a bunch of money writing or make this my vocation: I’m an engineer and a musician (yeah, a little left-brain, right-brain action going on there, for I play by ear, not by sight-reading sheet music). I just believe God has put words in me that I need to write and need to be heard (or read, rather). Not for my glory, but for His.

Input is welcome.

When I said I was a musician, I meant that I have toured the country and even played internationally. That’s not something I just picked up, but I put a lot of time in developing that and only after many years of work did it bear fruit. I have been fortunate enough to share the stage with some of the biggest names in contemporary Christian music.

I also been writing many years, I’ve just never felt the need to publish or really put it out there before.

I was at one time a part of an online community called, which was supposed to be like a Christian version of MySpace, back when MySpace was big, but it was more forum based. I posted so much in there that they made me a moderator. I think that period of time helped develop me as a communicator, a leader, a writer, and it challenged me to dive further into His Word, for when dealing with a “Christian” site that doesn’t affiliate with a particular denomination, you have exposure to all denominations, and you have to quickly understand the differences between doctrines and figure out diplomatic ways to traverse conversations, careful to be respectful of everyone’s views and beliefs without jeopardizing your own convictions. That being said, I have a better respect and understanding of His ecclesia, for He created us different for a reason. I believe we are all different because no one of us could possibly exemplify the entirety of Him, but together, we corporately create the image of God.

I’ve served as college and career pastor, graduated a school of ministry, and taught in two schools of ministry, one of which in Russia.

There is a book I am working on, and have been for probably a decade, that’s nowhere near finished.

There is a piece that is in the first draft stage that I haven’t yet decided whether to make it a Bible Study, a Devotional, a Small Group Study Guide or something else.

I don’t bring all this up to make myself look fancy or accomplished or anything, but I want to convey that I am not new to the faith, new to ministry, or lack experience when it comes to life and the Word. I believe God is calling me to devote more time to writing for that is something I have put to the side in the past several years. I look forward to what He’s doing in me and through me for this next chapter of my life.

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