The Essence of Worship

This was originally written on 1/29/2008

I believe the essence of worship can be found in the honest heart’s reflection of the personal answer these questions:

If upon death, God refused to grant you His saving grace, or saw it fit to remove it from you, and allowed you to spent eternity in separation from Him, would you still worship Him?

Would He still be your God?

Or is you acceptance of Him to be your God based on what you stand to gain?

Now, many people, when I ask them that, try come up with some explanation or defense. Some are rendered speechless. I do not want your answer—I want you to seek it for yourself, because it does me no good to know. But I believe this is important to know to determine if you are a true worshipper or not. And some people respond, “Well, that will never happen so it’s a moot point.” If it was a moot point, why would I bother asking it? Whether the scenario is probable, possible or even likely is irrelevant; your response tells a lot about the depth of your understanding of who God is and who you are in regard to Him.

God is love and His love is unconditional. Is ours toward Him? Or is it dependent upon what He does, or does not do, for us?

I think we have such a negative association with death and the afterlife and concepts of hell that we simply try to not think about it. Romans 9:21(NKJV) Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? What if His plan was not for your redemption? Maybe our view on hell is polluting our view of God.

I think we have a tendency to become too familiar with God, thinking that just because we serve Him that equate to Him owing us more than what we think we deserve. We have breathe and we have life, let us worship Him in Spirit and in Truth and not worry about the aspects we do not have any say in or control over.


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