An Issue That Refuses to Die

The original version of this was posted 8/4/2012


Let me start off by making a simple statement; I love you. You are the apple of the Father’s eye and you were created in the image of God Almighty. Nothing can change that. No one can take that away. Not even you.

It is necessary to understand that we all have a responsibility to, at the very least, respect one another. No matter the differences that separate us— whether political, religious, racial, social standing, sex, orientation, or whatever difference we can draw between each other—we need to have an underline respect for one another. If we do not, there will never be unity.

I say this because I believe, as Americans, we are on the brink of civil war. Last time it was the North versus the South. At that time the issues were in regard to racism and slavery. It seemed no matter how much one person said to someone of the other side; they were not going to convince them of their way of thinking. Why? The same reason wars have always been fought: miscommunication. It’s not always due to poor communication skills, for the people talking could have been the most eloquent orators. No, the issue typically stems because one person views the other as an enemy and therefore refuses to hear anything they have to say.

We have such negative thoughts associated with “enemy” that when we mentally categorize someone as such they automatically receive all of the negative associations thereof. So, of course they are not going to listen to them.

Do you see the intrinsic flaw here? Do you see the hopelessness of the situation? So what is the remedy?


Currently, it is the time of the Olympics. And what does everyone seem to be talking about? We are talking about how many gold metals USA is earning. That speaks of nation pride. So, on one hand, we can be united enough as a country to take pride in our representatives in some competition, but be divided enough to actually hate each other when it comes to certain topics? It is pretty misleading for us to be called the United States of America when we haven’t been united for some time now.

So, to address the issue…

A friend of mine posted an article that made the statement that a religious belief does not pardon, or excuse, or permit bigotry. I actually read the article. I did not count that person, or anything he posted, as useless simply because I disagree with him. I listened to what he had so say, because I respect him and value his opinion, even if it differs from my own.

The conclusion the writer of the article came to is based on an assumption, however. He assumes those who do not support gay marriage is against equal rights for gays and lesbians. That is not the case. For those of us that support the biblical definition of marriage, it was never about “rights.” The fact of the matter is this would not be the issue it is if the government had not made marriage a legal issue. To us, as Christians, marriage is a covenant with God, not a contract with the State. It just so happens to be a contract with the State. It is, therefore, unfortunate that so many legal issues are tied to the legal document of marriage, if someone is not permitted to marry.

Herein lies the problem; as an ambassador of Christ, I must represent what the Word of God states. It matters little if you agree, disagree, or think I am a bigot as a result. But as a member of society, it is in my best interest to support that which makes my community, my state, and my country flourish. As such, I have a mandate to elect officials that can be unbiased when legislating for the good of their district. Not necessarily what I think is best. And not necessarily what the people think is best.

Let me clarify.

I am a Christian, and as such, you would think I would only elect or support candidates whose agendas are overly Christian-based. To an extent, that may seem accurate, but not automatically. I cannot be so close-minded as to say that only someone who has the same view-point as I do is qualified to operate in a given elected office. I do not possess all of the qualifications to correctly run this nation, else I would run myself.

So what is a good qualification?

Someone once told me; “You cannot legislate morality.” And that hit me like a ton of bricks. I believe this is the root of our problem; we are trying to legislate that which should be personal conviction. That is asinine. The more I thought about it objectively, I realized that although I think he was a terrible leader from the standpoint of morality, Clinton did a lot for the prosperity of our nation.

What am I getting at? There are things legislated that should not be. In the article I read, it said;

“If you oppose gay marriage because you don’t believe the government should recognize any marriages whatsoever, that is a difference of opinion over a political matter. If you oppose gay marriage because you think gay people are sinners or not deserving of the same rights as other people, that is bigotry.”

I agree that if you oppose gay marriage because you don’t believe the government should recognize any marriage whatsoever, then that is a difference of opinion over a political matter. This is a stance I support. And I agree that if you oppose gay marriage because you think gay people do not deserve the same rights as other people, then that makes you a bigot. We are in agreement there as well. But I do not think that opposing gay marriage because it’s a sin makes someone a bigot.

Now here is the controversy. I cannot change what the Bible states. And the Bible states that homosexuality is an abomination in God’s eyes. He also states many other things as being an abomination, things that we are all guilty of; it’s not singling out one sin over another.

But to state a desire to openly legalize homosexual unions is like me asking people to be tolerant and understanding of a thief in his “alternative lifestyle,” because after all, he was born that way. I do not buy that. You were no more born gay than I was born fat. There was a time I was not fat and there was a time neither of us had any sexual orientation. But we made decisions which lead us to where we are now.

This is my stance. Does this mean I hate you, or judge you, or desire to deny you rights? No; because I wouldn’t want you to hate me, or judge me, or deny me rights simply because I am fat. And I believe gluttony is a sin just as homosexuality is a sin.

I love you with the love of Christ and I respect you as one of His creatures. I would not desire to take any rights from you or keep any rights from you. Contrary to popular belief, it is not my job to tell you that you are a sinner (as if you cannot tell the difference between right and wrong for yourself), point out your flaws, or judge you. It is my responsibility to love you and help you establish a relationship with God. Once that has transpired, it is His responsibility to convict you of your sin, not mine.

Many times I have heard it said that people were born “that way”. For a long time I disagreed. I have, here recently, received a new revelation, however. Yes, you were born that way, for we were all born into our sin nature. It is our actions, which stem from our perverted desire, that cause us to take on our various labels. A person is not a homosexual until they act out their desire. A person is not a thief until he steals something that is not his. A person is not a rapist until he rapes someone.

According to the law, your desires do not make you guilty or define you; it is your corresponding action. The point being, even if you have no choice in what you desire or think or crave (which is not the topic at hand), you are always responsible for your actions. Just as no one makes the thief steal, no one causes the homosexual to act out their desires. It is a choice. There is always a choice.

I believe this nation is headed toward civil war. Red versus Blue. Jackass versus elephant. It is not just this issue, though this may be the catalyst. For years, the Democrat and Republican parties have moved away from being entities that attempt to bring prosperity to this nation, opting instead to gravitate more toward opposing one another. I should not have to choose between the lesser of two evils. If both options are evil, perhaps the best vote is anarchy. This system of government is failing and I see no easy resolution. It runs too deep and too many people’s pockets are being laced.

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