God is Faithful

This was originally posted 7/29/2012


January of 2011, TCR did a church wide fast. One of the things we were praying for as a church is that we would become stewards and not just servants. I was praying for a change in my work situation because I was no longer content with my position. During the fast, God revealed to me that He had a new position for me. He said I would be a Specialist.

Now, I did what most of us would do when God gives us a Word; I tried to apply it to my current situation and figure it out based on what I could see before me. But when God gives us a Word, it is typically a prophetic Word, not limited by our current situation, vision, or understanding.

Now, I was a bit excited about it, because there was a position at CMC Steel that had the title Specialist in it and it wasn’t necessarily a stretch to see me transition into that position. The problem there was that I had to speak with the person who would eventually be my supervisor if I were to fulfill that role. This was a problem because I had always seen him as being antagonistic to my advancement efforts in the past.

One day I pulled him aside and told him that I was to become the Mill Electrical Specialist. Honestly, I was apprehensive of his response. But much to my surprise, he did not respond the way I thought he would. He said; “I’ve been waiting for you to say that for years.” It blew me away.

I started seeking God as to the first step I needed to take toward that goal. He said, “The first step you need you have been praying for on behalf of the church, but not applying it to your work life.” I asked, “What do you mean?” He told me that I needed to be a steward, not a servant. I said, “But I am a steward at TCR,” and started mentally listing all my involvement efforts there (as if He didn’t know). But that’s not what He wanted; He wanted me to be a steward at CMC Steel. That was like a slap to the face, but I immediately felt convicted that I had been neglecting to be a steward there like I was at TCR.

So, I decided to make a change. I need to be a steward to advance toward the goal of becoming Specialist. At work, the first step would be to come to days, so within 6 months I was on day shift. Over the next year, I worked on different projects, training newer employees, taking on greater responsibility, and stepping up to the supervisor position when needed; all of which was preparing me for this position I believed God had for me.

Almost a year and a half after I received the Word about me becoming
Specialist, I changed jobs, but not within CMC. I had gotten to the point where I understood it was not simply that I was no longer satisfied with working at CMC, but I was no longer satisfied being an Electronics Technician. I still had about a year to go before I would have qualified for Specialist and I honestly doubted that even that position would have satisfied me. I was to a breaking point and something had to give. So I found another job.

Now, this is where the point in sharing this story comes into play. I wrestled a lot with leaving CMC. I mean, I had been there 9 years, I had a lot of people I worked with that I liked and hung out with, and more importantly, I had heard God tell me I was going to be Specialist. I mean what happened? Was God wrong? Was I just not good enough? Did I misinterpret what He told me?

You could call it misinterpretation. Rather, misapplication. He did say Specialist. But He never said it would be Mill Electrical Specialist, nor did He say it would be at CMC. I took what He said and limited it to what I knew and could see at the time. But God is so much more than that.

Today I realized something. Today, I work at Revere Control Systems, and do you know what my job title is?

Project Specialist.

Yes, God is faithful.


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