Clay’s Prophesy

green thumb

This was Clay’s prophesy over me at Encore 2011. Clay had never met me before and knew nothing about me.


Wooo, Patrick, you sow seeds, oh my goodness. Patrick, you sow a lot of seeds. I see you kickin’ dust, where there’s like, there ain’t nothing to put in here, but I got plenty to give, and I’m lettin’ it go.

There’s a time, this season you are going into now is where the, ahh man, where the reapers catch up with the sower. All those seed that you’ve been stompin’ on dusty ground, you feel like there’s certain parts of what God’s had you do that’s dusty, it’s not producing anything. And just like whenever Abraham was trying to have his spiritual heritage with Sarah, it wasn’t a problem with the seed, it was a problem with the wound. There’s a problem with the ground, not the seed. The Lord has given you good seed to sow. And you have put it in dry places, not because the Lord didn’t tell you to, but everybody needs an opportunity, but the Lord says, you’re about to see a return. There’s about to be a return on the things that you’ve sowed, on the placed you have stomped on fallowed ground, He’s beginning to break it up. There’s about to be a return on what you’ve sowed. And when you see it, you’re gonna rejoice. I see you dancing on the dust, when the plant begins to spring up. There’s sunshine in your future. S-O-N shine. There’s coming ah,.. the face of Jesus is shining on your seed right now. And when you go back home, you’re gonna start seeing those blades breaking up from the ground. And the Lord is going to give you supernatural wisdom. Now you’ve sown it, and now you got to water it. One sows, one waters, and the Lord brings the increase. One sows, one waters, and the Lord brings the increase. He’s gonna let you sow and water. One hand seed, one hand water. One hand seed, one hand water. One hand seed, one hand water. Busy man. You gonna be a busy man. You already a busy man. You gonna be even more busy. Ah, man. Sowing seed, bro, you got a green thumb, man.

We just call forth this growth, God, the things that Patrick has planted, God, that you would bring forth the increase, Father, in the name of Jesus, that you would equip him with water to water this dry and thirsty generation, they’re crying out, the flesh is crying out, the Spirit is crying out, and the soul is crying out. God, we ask you, Father, for the triune making of your creation to get that need met in the name of Jesus. When you walk to the places that you have already planted seeds, encounters are following you. Encounters are following you. You are a gate of heaven. Encounters are following you. The place you planted, you are going to go back, revisit, and you are going to start seeing that encounter of God is following where you planted, in Jesus’ name.”

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