The Musical Mission Vision



This was a message I recently sent to some musician friends of mine.


“The night before I surrendered to Christ as Lord, I had my first assignment; pick up the bass. Before I had even submitted myself to Him, I knew I would play for Him.

Steve Rayborn and I have been in several bands together over the years. He and I went to see Jeremy Camp at the Parkway Christian Center. After that show ended, God told me that the next time I was in that building, I would be on that stage. Not 6 months later, Steve and I were on that stage opening for Casting Crowns with Ashla, twice.

When that concert was over, He told me that I would one day be as big as Casting Crowns was at that time. That was right after “If We Are the Body” came out. That part hasn’t happened yet.

One of the concerts we did with Ashla, I was prophesied over. The guy said that I have been called to preach and that thousands of young people would come to know Christ because of me.

When I filled-in with Inside Out at Encore the first time, Clay prophesied over me, saying that I have a green thumb because I sow so many seeds. He said that I sow seeds with one hand and water with the other, and that I would be a busy man.

Every place I have been, then only thing I hear from people is that they love to see me worship. This is not a coincidence. The freedom and library that resides in me breaks the chains of bondage that entangle those around me. When I worship, it releases that power into the atmosphere. I have a calling. I have a purpose. I have a mandate. Bass is just the tool. It is my worship that sets the captives free. And I am selfish if I keep that to myself. I am selfish if I only bring it to the Foundry.

I am not special. I am not saying I should be lifted up because I’m great and no one can do what I do. I am saying that He saw fit to choose me and I will obey.

The other night I did a show with Christa Jordan. I have only done two shows with her. Both of which were a part of the Hydrate Tour. This is a legit concert. They pulled out all the stops. They have professional sound and lighting with an entire staff dedicated to this tour in addition to all the artist and speakers. They know how to do work. The first concert I was a part of playing with Christa, 166 kids got saved. The other night, 97 people got saved, some of which were actually parents.

Why do I bring this up? Because I honestly feel, deep down to my soul, that is where I am supposed to be. I want nothing more than to do that the rest of my life. I want to do music. I want to do Jesus music. Style and genre do not matter, but being on stage, with Jesus as my driving force, is my purpose. Will this be with Christa? Honestly, not likely. And that is nothing against her or me or anyone. Either she will continue being successful, get signed and have a record company band backing her, or she will fizzle out. I pray the first scenario is what takes place, honestly. Either way, there is not much of a future for me with her, but I knew that going in. But I believe God lead me to partner with her, even if nothing but for these two shows, to rekindle the flame and stir again the passion within me to do this thing.

I love the Foundry. I have no desire to quit there. There is work to be done there and I do not take that responsibility lightly. But I believe I should be doing this full-time. The Foundry has made me lazy and complacent, for I don’t have to load and unload, set up, tear down, transport or really even deal with the people to which I am ministering. That’s actually rather sad. The Foundry is easy. It fits in the allocated spot of an everyday 9-5 business-class man. But that is not necessarily what God called me to be. I thought that was the mecca—the crowning achievement of professionalism. But there is so much more. I have too much life in me to settle for my current role on the Foundry Worship team.

So what does this mean for you guys? You tell me. I have every intention of doing this full-time for the rest of my life. I’ve heard the same from you guys, yet we are still where we are. I’m not placing blame or pointing fingers or casting fault. I’m fanning the flames. I’m casting the vision. I will do this even if I have to create my own record company and Tour Company and anything else. There are no obstacles we cannot overcome and there is no weapon that is formed against us that shall prosper. God has invested too much of His blood, His love, His Passion, His Word, His blessings, His talent, His wisdom, His understanding, and His vision into us each individually to waste away behind a computer screen Monday – Friday, 9-5.

I’m asking you to put the laptop down, pick up you gig bag, and let’s start our first musical missionary trip.

Is there not a cause?”


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