Dream – Work and Spies




I work for a company called Revere Control Systems. The owner of the company is Bob Adams. I had a dream that Bob decided to change things with the business. He chose me to work with him on this change.

Let me first say it is odd he would choose me, considering how far apart we are on the organizational chart and how many other people would seemingly be a better fit for someone with whom he would work to implement any change.

We were in a new building getting everything ready. I was working hard on a specific aspect which needed to complete the final aspects of this change. It was a rather large task that I was working on and I was apprehensive as to whether or not I would be ready on time.

It also struck me as odd that we decided to proceed with the “grand opening” this close to completion without having enough time to ensure everything was truly ready.

The reason this seems so completely contrary to me stems from the nature of our actual business. Granted, dreams are rarely an accurate representation of how things are in reality, but our business is system integration. We design, manufacture, program, test, and implement control systems for automated processes. Our company has a reputation for excellence which derives from our professionalism and attention to detail. One of those aspects is taking time to do our projects correctly and to ensure we have adequate time to properly test everything we send out to the customer. We would not want to compromise on making sure the entirety of the project demonstrated correct functionality before proceeding with presentation. As a result, I find it odd that in my dream Bob would be so adamant about pushing the grand opening without ensuring we were completely prepared to do so.

Right as I was finishing up my task and the grand opening ceremony was about to begin, my dream changed. Suddenly, I was involved with a secret spy organization. I wasn’t in this organization, and I wasn’t a spy, but I was a civilian cooperating with this secret organization. This secret group was the good guys. I was tasked with luring this woman to a secure location where two spies were to meet her. The spies were tasked with killing her. I did my part, leading her to them, and then kind of eased out of the room. A couple of minutes later, she comes out and I realize the two spies were dead. She then apprehended me and I blacked out. When I came to, she told me that my plan didn’t work and that she had poisoned me. Then she escaped.

After she left, Emily, my fiancée, came to me and gave me a big hug. She had no idea I was involved with the spies or that the mission I was a part of failed or that I had been poisoned. While reflection on those facts, it hit me that I was going to die; I wouldn’t be with Emily anymore. It was as if the reality of my mortality had finally sunk in and as a result I got extremely sad and started crying. Concerned, she asked what was wrong, and it made me cry even more, because I couldn’t even explain to her why I was crying.

And then I woke up.

I don’t believe that all dreams have some deep meaning or significance. I’m not certain this one does. I do know it is rare that I remember my dreams at all, and as a result, I like to record them when I do remember them. Perhaps reflecting on them later I may find significance.


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