News Worthy



I clicked on Yahoo this morning and the first article that pops up reads “Mom speaks out over controversial prom photo” and it got me thinking. Everyone has an opinion and if anyone chooses to be different or against the norm, it is frowned upon and socially rejected. Furthermore, those who speak out against the so-called “socially unacceptable” actions of others are hailed as a hero. This was not always the case. I remember a time when uniqueness and individuality was embraced and those who were contrary were considered hecklers. This is not America? Are we not considered the land of the free? I guess that means we are only free to be exactly like everyone one else.

Understand; that article I referenced was in regard to a photo boasting a rebel flag and guns. I’m not supporting any side of that particular issue. I just think that when people choose to be offended (yes, offense is a choice), they make an issue where none really exist. Most people would have never seen that picture had someone not spoken out against it for it never would have made headlines. It seems the media these days prefer to report on anything that brings dissension. But in a society of supply and demand, they are only in business because we buy into it. So whose fault is it really? If people want to speak out against something, maybe it should be against the media’s inability to report actual news.

I believe we don’t understand the power of our words. We can give something authority and significance just by speaking. We can create peace or division with our mouths. But sometimes we have power to let something die and remain insignificant simply by keeping our mouths shut. Maybe we should practice that technique more often. With social media, everyone has become a writer for their own personal editorial column, but not everyone understands what is actually “news worthy” unfortunately.

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