How Could I

This was originally written on 3-12-2012
How could I escape You?
Where could I go?
Is there a place You’ve never been?
Some darkness of which you’re unaware?
Where have Your eyes never wandered?
And if such a place exist, how could I ever go there?

Your love is magnificent
Your presence all-encompassing
How could I not stand in awe of Your glory?
How could I ignore such grace?
Your long-suffering inspires me,
And frightens all at once,
For it reveals to me my lack in comparison
Your greatness humbles me
I bow in submission
For what else could I do?
You’ve given me the world, and offer me life
Though I deserve much less
How could I not receive this gift, this life you freely give?
It’s aligns so perfectly with Your will and the purpose You’ve created in me

How can we sit around and complain when we’ve been given so much?
How can we focus on the insignificant mishaps and unimportant negatives when we have so much life to live?
Abundant life, bubbling up and pouring out all over for everyone to see

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