Dry and Thirsty

This was originally written on 3-12-2012

Valley of Dry Bones
Please breathe life into these dry and thirsty bones

My soul craves more, longs for more

You are the necessity of my soul’s continued life

You are the sustenance of my being

Utter darkness and despair exist where Your breath does not flow

An army of dry and dead bones, once great and mighty, are nothing without You

But You speak forth and give life to dead situations

You bring forth the impossible as if it were nothing

No matter how dire, no matter how hopeless, no matter how impossible, You are the way

In the valley, the most deserted place, signs of past existence, long since gone

All that remains are these bones, these very dry, very thirsty bones

Completely lifeless, completely dead

Are we speaking a metaphor?

Am I describing a present, personal circumstance?

“Can these bones live again?”

What a foolish question! How impossible! How absurd!

“She’s not dead; she’s sleeping,” but they laughed Him to scorn

But You speak life, breathe out Your Spirit

There is a rattling and then the bones no longer thirst

That which was dead arises

Hope is restored

No longer cut off; life flows once more

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