So, Let’s Live

This was originally posted on 4/15/14


We are lazy.

We are a lazy, self-seeking people.

We are complacent and we settle for much less than we are worth.

We don’t even acknowledge purpose, let alone have it as our driving force in life.

“Oh, sleeper, when will you wake up?”

When will we no longer sit around, waiting for a better life to come find us?

When will we catch a glimpse of the vision that is to propel us forward?

When will we say “Enough!” and arise to the glory He created us for?

I don’t want an empty existence.

I don’t want what’s easily accessible.

I want a life of value, of substance.

I want more than what this world would offer, for this world will not offer it’s best for the taking.

We must seek, we must find.

There must be a cost.

There must be a sacrifice.

Is there not a cause?

I have to count for something to justify the resources required for my continued existence.

I was meant to live for so much more than this.

We were meant to live for so much more.

So, let’s live.


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