I find it interesting that anyone who is associated with Christianity is considered a person of faith. It’s as if, simply because someone professes a belief in something, faith becomes their defining quality. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but I don’t think it’s entirely accurate. There is a big difference between faith and belief. There is a variance between having faith and being faithful. And there is an acute distinction between having faith in something or someone and having faith as a primary definitive attribute.

The reason I find this so interesting is because I don’t consider myself to be a man of faith, even though I am thought of as one simply because I am a Christian. If we look at the definition of faith, the one meaning that pops out to me says; “belief that is not based on proof.” And if you look to the Bible, Hebrews 11:1 tells us that faith is “…the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Simply put, I don’t consider myself a man of faith because the very definition of faith is a belief not based on proof. My faith in God is not based on something hoped for or in things left unseen; He’s revealed Himself to me countless times. There is evidence and proof of His existence, not only in and through my life, but in all of creation throughout all of history. Therefore what I believe in cannot truly be considered faith-based, for I have proof, even if I can’t document it and submit it to critics for evaluation. I do not feel it to be my responsibility to prove God’s existence to anyone.

Honestly, if anyone should be considered men and women of faith, it should be those who refuse to acknowledge any form of deity, for it takes a much greater amount of faith to believe in anything other than intelligent design. No, I am not a man of faith because I don’t possess enough faith to believe that all the right conditions required for life just happen to exist on this planet. I don’t have enough faith to believe life spontaneously began for no reason.

When I consider the human body and all the complexities involved in its interworking’s, I can’t believe there was not some engineering behind this biometric system; a system that boasts an interconnected communication network (the nervous system), a power supply (the digestive system), input and output systems (our sensory; taste, touch, smell, sight, hearing), an integrated hydraulic movement system complete with a hydraulic pump and piping (the muscles, blood, veins, and heart), a structured frame system seemingly build in concert with the integrated hydraulic movement system (the skeleton), a self-sustaining outer-protective shell (the epidermis), and a central processing unit that maintains, understands and interprets all signals transmitted within the system, automates, and controls the various systems of the body (the brain) complete with RAM (short-term memory) and a hard drive (long-term memory).

All of these systems independently are fairly good accomplishments to be able achieve from a human standpoint, let alone for all of them to work together as one stand-alone system. What makes the human body much more unique, important, and awe-striking is that I fail to mention one minor detail in the above list; the ability to adapt and learn and grow.

Man has recognized the depth and intricate nature of man and has attempted to duplicate its system mechanically, providing all the elements that I’ve listed, but man cannot duplicate the human form. And if man, as intelligent as we are, cannot purposefully create something as complex as the human form, how am I supposed to believe the universe, devoid of influence from any deity or deities, could accidentally produce something as complex as the human form, let alone all of creation?

To believe life just started randomly, accidental, for no reason, requires much more faith than I possess. I am not a man of faith; I am a man of fact. The fact is I was fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of my Father. There is not room for faith when you have proof. There is no need of a hope of someone’s existence if you are in communion with them. There is no demand to reveal the unseen if you have eyes that see beyond the realm of the physical.


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