Life Without You

Originally Posted November 25, 2012


Dear you,

I wanted to write to tell you,
About my life without you.
I’ve been pursuing my goals,
Chasing my dreams;
The things you told me I would never achieve.
My attitude is changed,
My health is improving,
In my life without you.

I’ve been promoted to a new job,
One I never thought possible,
Because you had me convinced,
That’s all I was; that’s all I’ll ever be.
But I’m finding you were wrong,
In my life without you.

That talent I had, you said I wasn’t good enough,
Well, I’m using it now.
It’s not just a hobby, but it generates money on the side.
Can you imagine getting paid to do what you love?
I don’t suppose you could.
I love what I do and I do what I love,
In my life without you.

I also found love,
Though I thought that too would escape me.
Someone who accepts me just as I am,
Knows my flaws and shortcomings,
Recognizes my insecurities,
And loves me anyways.
Something you could never do.
I am loved and am able to love,
In my life without you.

There is a peace in my life,
Serenity beyond comprehension,
And joy that makes me strong.
You had me believing I was weak,
I worried about everything.
There was no room for joy.
But if I were a glass, I’d be overflowing,
In my life without you

I was afraid at first,
I thought I couldn’t change.
You’re all I ever knew.
How could I ever let someone that close to me again?
But I am no longer afraid to be me,
In my life without you.


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