Atheist’s Holiday


So, as the story goes, there is this Atheist. He complains that Christians have several holidays but Atheists do not and that it did not seem fair. Then a Christian retorts, “But there is an Atheistic Holiday. According to Psalms 14:1, the fool has said in his heart there is no god. That would make April first the Atheist’s holiday.”

Yes, I realize that’s not a nice then to say. Yes, I realize is can be offensive. No, I don’t really care, for no one seems concerned about offending Christians in today’s society. But if you can’t have a joke tossed at you for what you believe in, then maybe your faith isn’t that strong. You don’t see me crying every time there is an off-color reference to Jesus or Christianity, do you? And why is that? Because my faith is rooted in something much deeper than the superficial.

So, does the fact that I have posted this mean I think people are fools? No, though I have met a lot of people who act foolishly. Does this mean I think less of people who believe differently than me? No. Am I calling people a fool to not believing in God? It would seem this psalmist is, but I am not. There is another passage found in the New Testament, written many years after this psalm was penned, that says if we call someone a “fool” we are in danger of hell fire (Matthew 5:22).

Something must be very wrong with calling someone a “fool” if doing so makes you subject to hellfire. Evidently, it’s not just a term to be thrown around so loosely. Perhaps we should we more considerate of the words that we use. And I’m not just talking about the words we speak, but also the words that reside in our thoughts, for they have the power to poison our minds just as our words have the ability to poison those around us.

In the mind of an Atheist, any Theist, whether Christian or not, is seen as a fool, for they are seen as weak because they deem it necessary to rely on the divine to live in this world. I understand this thought process for I shared it at one time.

In the mind of the Christian, the Atheist is seemingly foolish for they are attempting life on their own, which seems fruitless and pointless. It would be like a master mechanic attempting to change the motor in a car without any tools. A person can be an expert in whatever it is they do, but if not properly equipped, that person is no better than someone with no knowledge or experience in the field.

I am not saying God is a tool. I am not saying God is to be used by us at all. I am saying it is only through a relationship with God that we can be equipped to take on the tasks we were designed to accomplish. I honestly cannot fathom trying to live life without the Holy Spirit.

So yes, is seems very foolish indeed to see an Atheist attempting life on his own. We Christians are seen as pathetic for needing a savior—and we would all state that indeed we are weak and need a savior—but I would rather be weak and properly equipped than strong and useless, attempting life independently.

But hey, that’s just me.



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