Top Five Driving Tips

Top Five Driving Tips



I’m going to provide some driving tips, mainly because it’s late, I’m tired, and can’t think of anything else to blog about.

Hopefully I’ll have something of substance next week.



#1 – It’s Your Job to Merge

Yes, I see you coming on the freeway via the onramp or whatever other instance where merging is necessary. I see you, and I know you need to get over, and I see you have your blinker on. But if you are going slower than me, and your rate of speed is decreasing because no one else will let you over, what makes you think I want you in front of me? Do you really think it’s acceptable for me to have to slow down and have someone going slow in front of me because you failed to merge?



#2 – Slow Traffic Keep Right

If people are passing you in the lane to the right of you, chances are you are in the wrong lane. If 18-wheelers are passing you to the right of you, you are definitely in the wrong lane. Please be considerate and travel in the lane appropriate for your speed.


#3 – Put the Phone Down

There is an alarming trend transpiring where people somehow think they can perform multiple tasks simultaneously and still devote ample attention to each task equally.

This is a myth.

There are still people who can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. Yet people think they can text and drive and be okay. Most people can’t drive when it is the only activity they focus on; how do they have a chance of operating a motorized vehicle when their eyes are not on the road? Maybe people justify it because it’s only for a second. It only takes a second traveling at highways speeds to run into something.

No text is worth that risk.


#4 – Allow a Gap

You know when you are driving down a busy road with stop lights and the traffic light is green, which indicates you can legally go, but there is no room for you to pull up without blocking the intersection?

Don’t do it.

Allow a gap.

Be considerate of other people.

Let the other cars out.

Just because the light is currently green doesn’t mean it will remain green until the traffic starts to move again.


#5 – The Emergency Lane is for Emergencies

You are not more important than everyone else stuck in traffic.

Go read that sentence again.

No one planned to be stuck in traffic. Everyone has somewhere else to be. The emergency lane was designed for emergency response personnel to respond to emergencies. How would you feel if you went down the emergency lane and ended up blocking the ambulance from getting to the wreck site, resulting in the death of someone because you were in the way? How would you feel if your loved one was the one who died because someone was so inconsiderate they blocked the ambulance from getting to them because they felt they shouldn’t have to wait in traffic?

Patience is a virtue. Instead of complaining you are stuck in traffic, be thankful you’re not the reason for it.



The major theme here is to look at driving from someone else’s perspective.

Drive safely.

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