In Vain




In my daily Bible reading this morning, I read a passage in Psalms that really spoke to me. Chapter 127 verse 1.


Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain (NIV).


We as humans often get busy. We live our lives. We have ideas, make plans, and labor toward our goals. The problem is often we try to fit God into our plans almost as an after-thought. This is likely why we don’t find the success we crave.


It reminds me of another passage that says we are but a vapor; here one moment and gone the next. I believe our efforts would prove more useful if we were to include God in our ideas and thoughts and plans before we execute them. For He may reveal to us His Will and guide us closer to what He wants to accomplish.


We may choose to build a house, but if the idea originated within ourselves as opposed to from God, then our efforts are in vain. However, if God is leading us to build a house, what a glorious house it will be. We may choose to have people stand watch over our city to make sure no one attacks us during our rest, but if God isn’t watching over our city Himself, what could we possibly do to stop an attack?


Far too often we rely more upon our own intellect and wisdom, thinking we can solve everything ourselves. We are intelligent and we do possess a bit of wisdom, but we can’t see all or know all. Yet we have a resource in the Holy Spirit, granting us the ability to tap into an infinite supply of both if we’d just stop long enough to humble ourselves and seek it.


One of the hardest thing for us to accept when we devote our lives to Christ is understanding that making Jesus the Lord of our lives means denying our own will for His. There are a lot of things I would like to have done and become and accomplish in my life, but I’ve often had to put them on the back-burner in favor of what God has called me to do in that time.


I don’t say that with any amount of lament, for He typically reveals to me how much better His plan was compared to mine. And He never forces me to do anything; I still could choose to labor in vain after my own pursuits. But life is so much better when I do things His way. There is fulfillment and joy that could only be found in working with God toward the life He has for me.


Seeking our own will never results in the satisfaction we desire. Ultimately, our actions without God are in vain. It’s kind of like a toddler that goes and hides when told its bed time because he doesn’t want to go to sleep yet, then falls asleep in his hiding spot. Do we want to walk in accomplishment according to God’s Will, or labor in vain?


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