Branding Update

This is not exactly a blog post, but rather just a give update to let everyone know that I modified the branding of my site.

Before, I focused on being a provider of spiritual wisdom. I was not sure about having that as my foundation to begin with, honestly, but I felt, based on all the study I had done, that I needed some sort of “catch phrase” or sub headline for my page to captivate people’s attention and draw them in. And although I do feel as if God does on occasion speak wisdom to others through me and my writing, I think it is pretty arrogant to claim such, and to make that the primary focus of what I represent is a bit egocentric.

I  once was asked what I believed is my purpose. And a lot of people know me for different roles. But considering my life, I think “Invoker of Thought” better captures what I do, rather than just someone who presents wisdom. Because, let’s be honest, some of the stuff I posts has nothing to do with wisdom.

I don’t think this re-branding will change the content, but rather it better describes what I post. I love that God will use me sometimes to provide wisdom to others, but I don’t believe it’s the primary focus of my life’s work. I think a more accurate representation of what I do is to invoke thought. If I’ve done that, whether you agree with what I present in my writings or not, I feel I’ve accomplished my objective.

So, I hope you guys enjoy this new direction.

Please, leave some feedback and tell me what you think.

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