Time and Priorities




I’ve determined there is no such thing as enough time.

Last night was Valentine’s Day and my wife was telling me a story about how a friend of hers never anticipates anything from her husband because that is just not the type of guy he is. That saddens me. Because I feel as if I should cherish my wife. I feel like she should be worth the time to invest in doing things for her, getting things for her, and surprising her when I can. She is worth the investment to make her feel special, because to me she is special. I believe it is my responsibility to make her feel special.

Back to my first thought; there is no such thing as enough time. We all have the same amount of time. Maybe not the same number of years, but each day and month and year contains the same amount of time.

How are some people able to seemingly accomplish more than others? It is because they prioritize and only invest in the things that matter the most to them.

I believe the primary reason we are so frustrated is because we have such big eyes but such small mouths. We can’t change the size of our mouths, but we can rescale our eye’s ambition. Likewise, we can’t add more hours to the day, but we can reevaluate what we invest our time into and make adjustments based on our priorities.

What makes this so difficult is our unwillingness to say “No!” to things that are not a priority.

I’m not even talking about those of us that are too nice to say no, resulting in a growing pile of commitments. That doesn’t apply to everyone. What I am talking about is pursuing too many things.

I believe the most difficult thing for a Christian is not determining between right and wrong; that’s fairly obvious. No, the biggest difficulty for a Christian is choosing between what is good and what is God’s best of our lives.

It is difficult to prioritize and efficiently utilize our time because we don’t want to give up on our dreams. That’s what it all boils down to. We don’t want to give up on being the rock star or the red-carpet actress or the awesome photographer or the renown artist or the award winning novelist.

Insert your dream here.

We don’t want to be just “normal” or “average.” We have dreams and ambitions. And we spend all our time that isn’t spend making money to support our life styles on honing our craft.

But at what expense?

Am I saying to give up on our dreams? No. I’m saying we need priorities. I’m saying our time investment should be based on our priorities, not just what we “want.” And I’m not talking to anyone but myself right now, because I need to do this more than anyone else.

I think my biggest problem is that I think that things have to look a certain way and they rarely look the way I think they should. It is difficult for me to accept things as they are and instead of accepting it and modifying my plan accordingly, I waste time and energy and resources to hold onto my original plans, attempting to force them into fruition. What a fruitless endeavor.

So, I’m challenging myself to do better. To prioritize and then adjust my time commitments accordingly. Because if I only accomplish a couple things, I want them to be excellent and worthwhile. That seems better than attempting everything but not finishing some, failing at most, and the ones I do succeed at, not being on a level of excellence.

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