The Righteous Will Live by Faith

“The righteous will live by faith.”


I read that this morning in Romans.

It is not easy it be righteous or to live by faith. But it seems a dominate trait of the righteous is that they live by faith.

Simply having faith isn’t the same as living by faith.

I have faith in God. I have for many years. However, over the course of my life, there are many times my choices have not been faith-based, but self-based or even fear-based.

Does that mean I lack faith in God? I don’t think so. But I have missed opportunities to choose to live by faith.

Having faith can only get you so far; living faith is what makes the difference.

Jesus might have had faith that God could raise Him from the dead, but that wasn’t enough for our redemption. No, it wasn’t until He lived by faith, demonstrated by walking to, and hanging on, the cross, that His faith produced results. Only when His faith was lived out did His righteousness become evident.

So I challenge myself, and maybe some others as well, to stop simply possessing faith, but start living it out.

It isn’t easy, but it’s a much more fulfilled life.

Besides, only by living our faith out can the righteousness of God shine through our lives. 

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