Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico


There are thousands of US Citizens in desperate need.

US Citizens.

Not some other “unfortunate” people removed from us as US Citizens ourselves.


This is a humanitarian crisis.


But, that’s fine; continue squabbling over how offended you are about how disrespectful and unpatriotic NLF players are. It’s not like there is an opportunity for YOU to be patriotic when it really matters.

Go ahead and continue protesting the injustice of America by taking as knee as you go home to your fully structured and firmly standing houses with power and running water. It’s not like anyone in the Caribbean could possibly understand the injustice you’re forced to endure.


Yes, I am angry.


I am angry we have become a nation of whiny like children who get offended by everything, and instead of DOING something to make our communities, our cities, or states, our nation, or our world a better place, we would rather be judgmental, hateful critics, casting stones at every little insignificant thing we disagree with.

Yes, insignificant.

Compared to the humanitarian crisis US Citizens are currently experiencing, your complains are insignificant.

Lives are in the balance.

Do you want to compare the death toll of people offended vs. people directly affected by natural disasters?

Anyone can point out flaws: let’s hear your idea to make the situation better. Presenting a problem without an accompanied solution is called whining.

Here’s a problem: US Citizens need help.

Here’s a solution; help.

If you are too busy helping our fellow American’s in their time of need, we don’t have time to be ticked off by a difference of opinion.

Here is a link of what every American needs to know about Puerto Rico’s hurricane disaster:



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