Testimony 2-2-18



Personal testimony time.

Earlier this week, I was driving home and there was an incident on the freeway which caused the vehicle in front of me to slow down. To avoid that, I intended to change lanes from the middle lane to the left lane. When I looked back forward from checking my blind spot before changing lanes, I saw the vehicle in front of me had slammed on their brakes, not just slowed down.

Thinking there was no way for me to avoid hitting them, I at least wanted to minimize the damage by dodging into the left lane, so I swerved and slammed on my brakes.

Somehow, I didn’t hit them.

But now a new danger appeared; I over-steered and started fish tailing, heading right toward the barrier in the median. I corrected, and somehow managed to miss that as well.

The incident over, the crisis averted, no one hurt, no damage caused.

Then this morning I find out something happened that potentially could have caused me an immediate loss of $750. I was supposed to do some training out of town for some work and I did an advanced purchase on my hotel which is non-refundable. The training was cancelled, but the hotel charge still stood.

But a way presented itself to avoid that loss; the hotel company offered to transition the advance purchase to another date range and I happen to have another trip coming up for work that I can transfer it to.

All this to testify that God’s favor and hand are on my life.

Not because I’m good or worthy or deserving, but because He is awesome, and He has chosen me.

All thanks unto God Almighty!

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