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Greetings. I’m Patrick Bunn. Although I just started this site early 2015, I have been writing and offering wisdom and spiritual insight for many years as a leader in my church and as our church’s College and Career Pastor.


My Content

As a writer, my mission is to write and present spiritual wisdom and advice to help people of faith on their life journey know that they are not alone in their endeavors. On occasion, I may not write specifically on these topics, but anything I do write, tends to have some sort of revelation behind it. Most of the times these revelations are spiritual in nature.

My goal is to create insightful, relevant content that you can apply in your personal and professional life.

I attempt to post once a week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


My Name

I imagine you are asking yourself, “Why ‘Bunnfactor’; what does that even mean?”

It’s just a name. There is no deep meaning behind it, or hidden symbolism—it is just a unique identifier that I’ve acquired over the years. In fact, it was given to me as a stage name when I first started playing in bands.

I was actually apprehensive of using “Bunnfactor” as the name for this site, for it doesn’t have some great significance and it doesn’t give any clue to the topic of my blog. Though I would imagine that is the purpose of this section. If I were to give it another name, I would probably look at “Life’s Nuggets of Wisdom” or something like that, but I felt that would make for a terrible website name (lifesnuggetsofwisdom.wordpress.com). The “Bunn” in Bunnfactor of course is derived from my last name.


Who Am I?

I served as College and Career Pastor at my church for two and a half years.

I graduated a school of ministry and taught in two schools of ministry, one of which in Russia.

I have served on two mission trips, one to Romania and one to Russia, as speaker, intercessor, worship leader, devotion giver, teacher, and fence builder.

I have served in many different bands and music teams, both domestically in church praise teams and evangelical Christian bands that toured the country, as well as internationally on mission trips.

I have led and co-led small groups and Bible Studies.

I was an active participant in, and eventually served as moderator for, an online Christian Forum.

I am many things to many people but the focus of this site is as a writer. My theme for this site is to help us with our spiritual walk. Not in your walk alone, or even mine, but our walk, collectively, as His Body.

When I write, I do not necessarily try to write from a standpoint of just myself, but I attempt to write in a way that I could take the revelations I have experienced and convey them to the Church for the benefit of us all. Sometimes they are personal lessons I needed to learn and I’m just sharing the experience to hopefully help others. Sometimes the revelation is for others and I am merely the conduit through which God communicates.

Of all the things that I have done and that God has called me to be and do, I would sum that calling up into one phrase: Invoker of Thought. Why? I want to verbally paint pictures that convey God’s revelations. I want to challenge what we accept as truth.

I also like to engage with people. I don’t want to write monologues; I prefer dialogue. I may be knowledgeable, but I do not know everything, and it is only through interaction that I can learn too.

I do not want to engage people in a match to see who knows more, necessarily, and not to prove myself right, which is vanity, but to challenge each other. For it is only when we are tested that we know what we are made of.

After all, what good is your faith if you can’t defend it?

I ask questions and pose thoughts to get people to search the Word. It’s not about proving me wrong (or right) but I feel that this is a better method of initiating memory retention and establishing a higher value on the information we obtain. I don’t want to spoon feed people the Word and I despise the concept of believers relying on others to spoon feed them.

I believe that if we are content with being pew-warmers the rest of our lives, awaiting death so we can make it into heaven, then we’ve missed the entire point. If our only exposure to the Word and Christian living is once or twice a week, second-hand from the study of somebody else, we should seriously be concerned about our spiritual vitality.

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