The Bourne Focus

Originally written 8/21/2007, revised 7/18/2016   I just watched the movie called “The Bourne Ultimatum”. I wanted to share some insights that were revealed to me as I watched this movie unfold. I believe that a perceptive person, if looking hard enough, can identify spiritual significance, even in the most unlikely of places. I believe … Read more

Passions and Hobbies

1/27/2016   Being a newlywed, I am often asked; “How’s married life?” I am known to be sarcastic at times and I normally can find a cleaver retort for each time I am asked, but here recently I have been increasingly more honest with my reply. Now, I say; “Expensive.” Now, don’t get me wrong; … Read more

The End of Revelation

12/31/15 When you talk about the Book of Revelation, there are typically a lot of automatic assumptions and feelings associated with the book. I would say Revelation is one of the most controversial books in the New Testament, considering there are many denominations, doctrines, theories, statements of faith, and interpretations resulting from this one book, … Read more

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