Chromium-6 in our Tap Water

Check Your Tap Water for Chromium-6 A recent report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit research organization, revealed that there are higher-than-recommended levels of chromium-6 in the tap water being supplied to two-thirds of all Americans. EWG published an interactive map that lists its water testing results on a county-by-county basis. Chromium-6 is … Read more

The Election Process

1/21/2016   I believe we need to rethink the way we conduct our election process. And I’m not just talking about the presidential election, though that could use some modification as well. I do not believe the current process works well or is set up for the best interest of the people. With a little … Read more

Christian Giving

9/26/2016   I’ve heard a lot of questions and statements lately regarding giving in the Church. I wanted to take some time and address some of these issues. Here are some of the questions I’ve heard asked: What is tithing? What is giving? What are first fruits? Is giving still relevant in today’s culture? Do … Read more

The Bourne Focus

Originally written 8/21/2007, revised 7/18/2016   I just watched the movie called “The Bourne Ultimatum”. I wanted to share some insights that were revealed to me as I watched this movie unfold. I believe that a perceptive person, if looking hard enough, can identify spiritual significance, even in the most unlikely of places. I believe … Read more

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